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SlideshowMentor Monday: OPNFV's Kirksey Brings Men Into WiC

Heather Kirksey, Director, OPNFV
Heather Kirksey, Director, OPNFV

Sarah Thomas 11/9/2015 | 9:59:02 AM
Join us for Happy Hour! Men and women attending the OPNFV Summit this week, I hope you'll join us for the Happy Hour event tomorrow that Light Reading is hosting with the OPNFV. Mitch Wagner will be representing from Light Reading. You can register to attend on the schedule here: http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/opnfv-summit/program/schedule

Also, if your organization is interested in partnering with Women in Comms for an event like this, please reach out! The more we can do to raise awareness and discuss the issue, the better! 
Sarah Thomas 11/9/2015 | 9:55:38 AM
engineer a solution Heather had a lot of great, practical advice. I love what she had to say about engineering the problem and using big data to find a solution. We're in the tech industry -- that's what we do! It should be a natural fit to take that approach, analyze what works and what doesn't, and continuously move forward.

Also, I had never heard the term "vocal fry" before, but upon looking it up, I realize it's a big problem amongst the females of my generation. Thanks, Kardashians! 
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