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SlideshowMentor Monday: Clearfield's Cheri Beranek

Sarah Thomas 10/5/2015 | 11:27:06 AM
Re: insecurity v. confidence Yep, it was Vodafone America's Megan Doberneck (see video below): "Confidence felt is not the same as confidence projected," which is advice I took to heart at BTE because I hate public speaking!

TeleWRTRLiz 10/5/2015 | 11:25:26 AM
Re: insecurity v. confidence Yes, agreed, Sarah. Wasn't there one woman at our Big Telecom Event who said it was always importance to project confidence on the outside, even though you may be freaking out on the inside?
Sarah Thomas 10/5/2015 | 9:59:05 AM
insecurity v. confidence It is disheartening to hear stories like Cheri's at her previous company. I'd like to think it's a thing of the past, but I know it's still all too common. Changing mindsets takes time, and it seems to be slow moving.

Great to hear how she has risen to success, however, and I love what she had to say about insecurity versus confidence. It's important in ourselves and who we work for. Very well said, Cheri!
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