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Meet the Future Workforce: New Faces, Expectations & Motivations

Millennials and their younger peers, Gen Z, expect more out of their network and more out of their work. Intel's Lynn Comp shares how the industry can prepare for this new generation of workers.

ideschamps 11/18/2016 | 11:12:11 AM
Re: Onboarding It's exactly the same in France...
Kelsey Ziser 10/20/2016 | 3:03:43 PM
Onboarding Lynn made some great points about onboarding and how it's important to help new employees from any generation understand how to navigate the company's culture to successfully get work done. Too many organizations don't have formal training programs, but whether it's a large or small company, training new employees is always time well spent. It's just a shame that on-boarding is often done in a haphazard, rushed way. 
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