Women In Comms

Intel Urges Women to Take Advantage of Their Seat at the Table

Have inclusive and constructive conversations, attach a bigger meaning to your work and get involved in the cause, Intel's Monique Hayward advises women in comms.

Monique Hayward 10/10/2015 | 6:33:03 PM
Re: women in comm's bigger meaning As always, I appreciate the opportunity to support the Women in Comms program that Light Reading has spearheaded.  Let's continue to have the conversation!
Sarah Thomas 10/5/2015 | 9:52:42 AM
women in comm's bigger meaning I like all of what Monique had to say but especially her point of view on attaching a bigger meaning to your work. That's something we can all do and should be what motivates and drives us every day. As it relates to women in comms, understanding the big picture and why it matters is important for everyone in the organization, including the CEO and all the men. The first step is to start the conversation, but that's so much easier when you have that meaning attached to it.
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