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SlideshowIntel Hired 43% Women, Minorities in 2015

Diversity at Intel
Source: Intel, 2015
Source: Intel, 2015

inkstainedwretch 1/20/2016 | 6:53:19 PM
Intel leadership Intel believes that by the end of the year, its entire supply chain will be conflict free. I don't think this is a tangential issue. I think it demonstrates the company is genuinelyevaluating how its actions and behavior affect society. It makes me believe that adopting new hiring practices is just one natural outgrowth of firmly-held company values. -- Brian Santo


Sarah Thomas 1/20/2016 | 2:42:16 PM
props to Intel! I realize that Intel is our Founding Partner (although this WHY they are), but their commitment to diversity and transparency is the most impressive I've seen of all the tech companies. The put out their diversity report twice a year, while most companies do it once -- if even. You can find all the breakdowns in their report, even when they aren't flattering. And, it's certainly putting its money where it's mouth is too with all the great initiatives. Intel demonstrates why a top-down commitment and transparency is so important to making real change.
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