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Infinera's Sales Director Paints Tech's Big Picture

Shannon Williams, Infinera's director of sales, shares how she achieves work's many balancing acts -- between her role and the broader company, today and tomorrow's tech and more.

darsancoach 1/27/2018 | 5:00:42 AM
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Sarah Thomas 6/21/2017 | 11:53:40 AM
future of tech Love that Shannon immediately and resolutely said "no" when I asked about her about concern for the future of women in tech. You often hear about AI and automation replacing jobs typically held by women and exacerbating the gender gap, but it doesn't have to be that way for the women in our industry if you stay on top of your company's tech and business needs. 

Also thought it was interesting that Infinera puts its engineers and product managers in front of customers frequently. Makes a lot of sense to team up with the sales people and speaks to the need to understand all aspects of your business.
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