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Fujitsu Sales Leader Shares Lessons Learned

As Fujitsu's only female sales leader, Annie Bogue knows the importance of asking for what you want, being flexible (she's been relocated five times), keeping a meticulous calendar, 'leaning in,' working harder than everyone else around you, being aware and more.

Kelsey Ziser 7/29/2016 | 1:14:43 PM
Great suggestions! Annie made a great point to plan ahead in order to achieve work-life balance. She's right, you have to make a conscious effort to add in time with family, for the gym, etc. in your calendar. I haven't read "Lean In" yet, but just added that to my book list! "Woman Up!: Overcome the 7 Deadly Sins that Sabotage Your Success" by Aimee Cohen is one of my go-to books about how women can be more deliberate and assertive about their careers.
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