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Cisco's Kanouff Says the ‘Door is Open' for Women in Comms

Want to shine? Kanouff believes the scarcity of women in telecom means new females in the business have an opportunity to stand out.

neelamghuliani 2/25/2016 | 3:13:34 PM
Need Escape Velocity!

Great Interview!  Very encourged and insprired that "doors are open" but we are "stuck into the edge of the band". There is "gap" between management and executive level.   We need a mentor(s) who can help in giving women in middle management (Managers / Directors) an "ESCAPE VELOCITY"  to give extra boost and dive deeper into how to get to that next level in the career ladder, and be their champions. Champions can do more for you that you can ever do on your own.   Female CEOs / Executives they can give insights on 'How do they build relationships? How do they get out there, new clients or referrals or promotions?' And it's often because they've had a champion (male or female) who can talk about them better than they can talk about themselves. Women are so modest; we tend to not really share and talk about how great we are, how talented we are. So oftentimes, this is the champion's role – our cheerleader – and for women, especially, this is something all of us really need.

DHagar 1/15/2016 | 5:27:48 PM
Re: Women in Comms msilbey, great interview!  That is the type of role model and discussion, being led by yourself and others at Light Reading, that will truly open the doors and increase the representation of successful women in comms.

I could not agree more, that the "issues" are more easily resolved when you have "effective" women in those roles.  When we prepare women to move into telecom and contribute real value to the company, the gender issues are no longer as important.

I think the other understanding, as a result of this discussion, is that in attracting women to tech careers we need to better "sell" that tech jobs are less the old "mechanical" models than they are creative engineering.  It truly is a career that women can move into, enjoy, and succeed.

Kudos to Light Reading - you are leading the way!
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