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Serpil Bayraktar, principal engineer in Cisco Systems Inc.'s Chief Technology and Architecture Office
Serpil Bayraktar, principal engineer in Cisco Systems Inc.'s Chief Technology and Architecture Office

WomeninS51517 8/22/2017 | 8:13:41 PM
Re: automation Thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity to share some of my background and thoughts Sarah! I realized that I left out something very important that is directly relevant to SDN: My current project Streaming Network Analytics System (snas.io) which is an open source project under Linux Foundation.

SNAS is a system that collects, stores and tracks tens of millions of routing objects in real-time with sub-second access to data. It can generate real time alerts based on watch lists. Also, we don't just collect and dump the data for applications to sort it out. Instead, we produce conditioned, easy-to-consume, and application friendly routing data that can be used for a wide range of real time analytics such as IP inventory tracking, topology path tracing, SDN, Infrastructure security etc.

Other OpenSource projects can use SNAS for all their real time streaming routing data needs and Netops/Devops can use it to create new service assurance and network automation applications. I am really excited about the potential SNAS holds!

SNAS gave me an opportunity to bring everything I learned in my career together towards a more intelligent network. I also found the process of joining an open source foundation incredibly interesting and rewarding thanks to all the wonderful people at Linux Foundation. To all my female colleagues out there, get involved in OpenSource! It's really fun and rewarding.
Sarah Thomas 8/21/2017 | 2:12:30 PM
automation Great to hear Serpil's story and more about the work she is doing helping others at Cisco stay on top of technology. I was also happy to hear she included SDN and, more specifically, automation as one of the most impactful technologies today. That's something we at Light Reading have identified as a game changer (if you can't tell by reading the site!), and Cisco is a pioneer here.
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