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Ciena's VP Offers a Career Crash Course

How did Ciena's Vice President of Sales, Angela Finn, carve out her career path? Simple, she tells WiC. She stayed true to her company, customers and principles. She shares her advice for women on how to be authentic and credible, as well as for companies that want to make a real change to their culture and practices.

brigaud 7/26/2016 | 1:16:50 PM
Thanks for your leadership Great job Ange!!  You have led the way for many of us, men and women alike, by being true to our company, our customers, and your principles.  I hope your message will propagate beyond Ciena to the industry at large.  I totally agree that gender balance brings improved profitability, productivity, and innovation.  Your comments are spot on.
Enterpri51560 7/26/2016 | 3:34:00 PM
Re: Thanks for your leadership I have found Ciena to be a great company our our customer's love the quality and reliability of their network equipment.  Thank you Angela for your leadership in the industry.  Thanks for your insights into women and leadership in the industry.  Speaking from a man's point of view, often times gender balance is not on our radar or top of mind.  Thanks for leading by example with authenticity. 
Angela Finn 9/30/2016 | 12:27:58 PM
Re: Thanks for your leadership Thank you so much for the positive feedback...both on Ciena and our networking products, as well as my interview on Gender Balance and Career Growth...I'm passionate about it all!  All my best and thanks again!
Angela Finn 9/30/2016 | 12:31:05 PM
Re: Thanks for your leadership Cheers to that, Bruce!  Thank you very much for the great feedback and continued support of [email protected]!
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