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Chasing Grace Documentary Expands to Include Photo Exhibit of Women in Tech

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Wicked Flicks Productions today is announcing an early, exclusive showing of The Chasing Grace Project photo exhibit titled Persistence. The Chasing Grace Project is a documentary series of six episodes that seeks to help recruit and retain female talent for the tech industry and advance a constructive narrative on inclusiveness.

The exhibit features portraits of women from the six-part documentary series about women in tech and is debuting at the Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif., on December 5, 2017 at the CloudNOW Women in Cloud Awards event. The Chasing Grace Project trailer will also be screened at the event.

"CloudNOW is thrilled to feature this important documentary and exhibit, which shine a light on the collective experiences and resiliency of women in our industry," said Jocelyn DeGance Graham, founder of CloudNOW.org. "We applaud the courage of everyone who stepped in front of the camera to share their stories and give voice to the Chasing Grace Project."

This is the first time the photos will be on display and includes six images of six women from the project. It will be expanded upon and revealed in multiple iterations at screenings throughout 2018.

"Photography complements film by bringing the viewer even closer to the subject during just one moment in time, allowing the power of expression to tell a story that sometimes words can't capture," said Jennifer Cloer, executive producer of The Chasing Grace Project and co-founder of Wicked Flicks. "We hope the images invite people to learn more about these women and their powerful stories, which we believe can provide blueprints for other women pursuing careers in tech."

The artist and photographer who produced the images will be in attendance at the event. Edina Clagett, founder of Beyoutiful Portraits, specializes in female portraiture and held the studio shoot in mid-November. With a 20-year career in photography, Clagett honed in over the last six years on one mission: to empower every day women to reconnect with their own beauty and discover a newfound self love and acceptance wherever they are in their life.

The Chasing Grace Project has attracted seed support from early sponsors but requires additional funding to produce more episodes. Exclusive sponsorship per episode is available for a limited time and provides companies with a unique opportunity to support specific topics facing women in tech.

About The Chasing Grace Project
The Chasing Grace Project is a documentary series about women in tech. It includes six episodes, each focused on a different topic within the women in tech narrative. From the pay gap and female entrepreneurship to the culture of tech, the decision to leave or stay in tech and the role of male allies, the series illustrates how we pave the way forward. It provides the blueprints for women to find their paths, their way, helping to retain the best and brightest female talent in the world.

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