Level 3: Going Beyond Retraining

With the move to virtualization, telecom folks are having to develop new skills, much of it around software development, to keep up with the shift away from purpose-built gear to white boxes and disaggregated software. But bringing man and machine together isn't just about retraining telecom folks to embrace IT skills. It's about carefully structuring organizational teams, says Travis Ewert, SVP of global network software development at Level 3 Communications.

alangonchar 4/1/2016 | 12:16:14 PM
It's not just the technology folks that need retraining I head up sales for a boutique firm that does Telecom Competitive Intelligence - the real deal, not trends or google searches.

One of the biggest challenges (and factors for industry leadership) is training of the sales force to move from equipment sales to complex software/solution sales.

Just because you were successful in selling equipment by no means equates into success in the virtualized world. In fact I'd be surprised if 50% can make the transition.


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