Eurobites: Ziggo Plans Post-Merger Job Cuts

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Anite completes on Setcom buy; fiber link for South Sudan; Wales becomes "Net Neutrality Nation."

  • Dutch cable operator Ziggo B.V. , which last year became part of the Liberty Global Inc. (Nasdaq: LBTY) empire, is to shed 450 jobs over the next three years following its merger with UPC, reports Dutch News. The majority of the redundancies will come from the departments focusing on new product development, innovation and infrastructure, says the report. The newly merged company has 4.3 million customers and its network covers around 90% of the Netherlands. (See Euronews: Liberty Global Plans Pan-European MVNO.)

  • Anite plc , the British test and measurement firm, has completed its acquisition of Germany's Setcom Wireless Products, providing Anite customers, says the vendor, with an enhanced range of test offerings covering WiFi offload, VoLTE, RCS and other application- and IMS-based services.

  • South Sudan, Africa's newest nation but one that is only just emerging from a bloody civil war, is to benefit from a 1,600km fiber link within the next two years, according to a Reuters report. The fiber, which will be linked to subsea cables via Uganda and Tanzania, was originally due to be laid in 2013, but the outbreak of war scotched those plans.

  • Nokia Networks has appointed Markus Borchert as senior vice president for its European market. Borchert was previously head of Nokia Networks' Greater China Region sales territory.

  • Telekom Austria AG (NYSE: TKA; Vienna: TKA) is planning cost-cutting measures that it hopes will save it around €90 million (US$97 million) this year, Reuters reports. Part of the savings could come from a change in the regulations affecting the employment conditions of Telekom Austria's employees, some of whom are still treated as government workers. (Telekom Austria used to be owned by the state.) Carlos Slim's América Móvil S.A. de C.V. holds a majority stake in Telekom Austria.

  • The principality of Wales, which forms a part of the UK, has declared itself the first "Net Neutrality Nation" and announced a number of gestures to underline its credentials as a supporter of "sustainable, forward-thinking communications technologies," according to the words of a government statement. The Welsh Tourist Board has chosen Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to be the new "Face of Wales," and he will appear in a series of commercials using the tagline "Wales: Isn't it Time YOU Made an Entry?" The national symbol of Wales, the leek, is to be renamed the "Wikileek," while the principality's highest mountain, Snowdon, is to be rebranded "Snowden" in a nod to whistleblower Edward Snowden, whose revelations about intelligence agency data-snooping have made him a hero to many but a villain to others.

    — Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, Light Reading

  • kq4ym 4/6/2015 | 9:00:41 AM
    Ziggo Jobs With Ziggo's merge it's interesting how mergers often result in press releases announcing the loss of jobs over a period of years. They say they plan "to shed 450 jobs over the next three years." I always wonder just how they come up with those numbers and what magic ball they use to predict the company sales and business economy three years hence. And with 90% of the current market today, one would think they'd be able to add jobs not lose them.
    PaulERainford 4/1/2015 | 8:52:22 AM
    Re: Wikileek He does a mean Welsh Rarebit. Fact. (But only in the Wikipedia sense.)
    [email protected] 4/1/2015 | 8:10:39 AM
    Wikileek Does Jimmy Wales have any good pie recipes?

    Or the boy Snowden?

    It's lunchtime, you see....
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