Energy Efficiency

CEO Chat With SCTE/ISBE's Mark Dzuban

Mark Dzuban, president and CEO of SCTE/ISBE, sits down with Steve Saunders in Light Reading's New York office to discuss the society's Energy 2020 campaign, including its mission to benefit the environment, enable economic benefits and the key challenges facing cable operators wanting to reduce energy consumption.

msilbey 5/3/2016 | 9:56:04 AM
Re: No downside to these efforts, right? All credit to SCTE. The organization has been aggressively pushing energy-saving efforts in the industry for years. I don't know how much regulatory or other pressure there is to improve energy efficiency in the TV and comms sector, but regardless, the SCTE has been a long-time and committed advocate.
[email protected] 5/3/2016 | 6:40:50 AM
No downside to these efforts, right? Surely there is no downside to these kinds of efforts.... helping to consume less energy is not only good for the environment but good for the bottom line, right? 

What are the barriers to getting on board with such initiatives?
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