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Apple-Cisco Partnership Opens Enterprise Opportunities

Apple has long been a partner for communications service providers in the consumer market. Now, Apple is stepping up its partnership with Cisco, presenting new opportunities for service providers in that realm.

Demand for iPhones has driven demand for consumer data connectivity, which builds business for communications service providers. But Apple's enterprise strategy has largely been benign neglect. Consumers bring their iPhones, iPads and Macs into work; Apple provides some technology support and enterprise partnerships, but Apple hasn't made the enterprise a focus.

Now, Apple is signaling a change, with CEO Tim Cook making a rare -- maybe unprecedented -- appearance at another vendor's event. Cook took the stage with Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins at the Cisco Live customer event in Las Vegas Monday.

The two CEOs hugged it out -- literally -- and pitched their partnership as the best choice for enterprise security. Indeed, Cook said that enterprises that implement Cisco and Apple solutions together should get a break on their cybersecurity insurance.

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alison diana 6/28/2017 | 4:29:29 PM
Re: Bottom-up approach ot enterprise market It's great to see Apple finally make a more overt, concerted push for enterprise after watching it use graphic artists, writers and other vertical users to get in the enterprise back door. Smart to partner with a networking giant like Cisco for this initiative. As I recall from covering Apple way back when (my first job in B2B media was at MacNews!) they had very loyal channel partners, some of whom are still in business today - 25 or so years later.
Joe Stanganelli 6/26/2017 | 6:24:27 PM
Bottom-up approach ot enterprise market "But Apple's enterprise strategy has largely been benign neglect."

I wouldn't go that far -- but it has been much more "bottom up". By so successfully targeting and dominating the consumer market, the company has gotten its products not only accepted but standardized in enterprise environments. (Remember when 9 out of 10 CIOs expressly recommended against iPhones -- in favor of Blackberries?)

I am specifically reminded of Apple's early and ongoing under-the-radar efforts in getting iPads and the like adopted by doctors, radiologists, and other medical professionals in hospitals. (After all, Apple couldn't have directly and boldly gone after the hospital market via typical routes without potentially being subject to hefty FDA oversight.)
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