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The View From Huawei HQ

It's not often that very senior Huawei Technologies executives make themselves available for an open and independent interview with the business media, so when Light Reading was given the chance to interview the company's deputy chairman and rotating CEO, Eric Xu, we jumped at the chance.

Naturally, for Light Reading, we published the interview in English -- see CEO Chat With Eric Xu, Huawei .

But we realized that there would be many readers in China, including those at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. , who would be interested in what Xu had to say about subjects as broad as the convergence of telecom and enterprise, New IP developments such as virtualization and the cloud, open standards and industry politics, the impact of video and Huawei's desire to do more business in the US.

So the interview is now available in Chinese: Click on the link below to view (and be able to download) the translation (PDF file).

The view of Huawei's senior team is of great relevance and importance to the global communications networking industry: It is now the largest single supplier of hardware and software to network operators in the world and is growing at an eye-watering pace. There is hardly a part of the industry in which Huawei does not participate and it could reasonably be argued that the industry consolidation we are currently witnessing -- the combination of Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent being a prime example -- might not be happening if Huawei had not become the global powerhouse it now is.

The company is driven and ambitious and, as a result of its size and influence, it's becoming increasingly hard for communications service providers to build their next-generation networks and supporting IT systems without some level of Huawei involvement.

That's good for Huawei in many ways, of course (though at the same time keeping control of an increasingly large and successful company is a tough challenge for its management). But is it good for the industry for one company to have such an influence? That's an important question that should be considered without taking into account that Huawei is a Chinese company, a fact that taints far too many opinions.

In an industry that is increasingly focused on breaking down network operator dependence on suppliers, it has never been more important to track and scrutinize the influence and strategies of the industry's largest companies that all want the same thing -- to meet their customers' needs while improving profit margins and outdoing (and seeing off) the competition.

Whether you are reading the Eric Xu interview in English or Chinese, let us know what you think about the company's developments and views on the message boards below.

— Ray Le Maistre, Circle me on Google+ Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn profile, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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