Business Transformation

The Russo Report: Driving Disruption

In the first episode of a four-part series, Light Reading Founder and CEO Steve Saunders and Calix President and CEO Carl Russo drive around town discussing the disruptive mega-changes in the communications industry and where hope lies for service providers to meet the escalating demands of the cloud.

rickstein_nsn 8/15/2016 | 10:04:37 AM
Re: Tech guys in cars getting coffee?? Glad you guys driving didnt fall asleep.


I did.
mhhf1ve 8/4/2016 | 4:42:29 PM
Tech guys in cars getting coffee?? Not quite as funny as Seinfeld -- and totally missing out on the sponsored product placement for CARS... 

Also, not enough karaoke singing. (or coffee)

Latency will be a key aspect of connectivity, for sure. We'll still have bandwidth caps, but maybe service plans will also come with latency limits, too.

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