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SlideshowNew York Scores a Big Win for Families

Sarah Thomas 4/4/2016 | 4:24:46 PM
Go NYC! Given the timescale to roll this out and the fact that we're only talking about partial pay, New York's law doesn't seem that revolutionary. However, against the backdrop of leave in the US, which is truly abysmal, it's nothing short of revolutionary. I hope other states follow suite!
masterenaud 4/5/2016 | 7:10:38 PM
California ? I'm surprised that California is the highest
Sarah Thomas 4/6/2016 | 11:05:36 AM
Re: California ? Yes, and San Francisco just upped the ante again, requiring 6 weeks of full pay rather than just partial as Cali and now NYC mandate.


I hope this becomes a competition!!
CharlesEtheridge1994 4/11/2016 | 5:24:05 AM
Well Finally. Someone cares about women and their responsibilities as mothers. If only fathers tried harder...
kq4ym 4/15/2016 | 1:48:26 PM
Re: Well It will certainly be a big help to the families. I would think we should probably imitate other countries in more liberal policies and implement job protection in the scheme as well. What other countries with not as much weatlh and resources as we, should be a model for all countries.
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