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Huawei Open Digital Telco Summit

NICE, France -- HUAWEI OPEN DIGITAL TELCO SUMMIT 2015 -- Hundreds of communications networking industry executives, industry analysts and the media convened at B4 Plaza Hotel in Nice, France, on Monday June 1 to focus on the evolution of digital communications services and the role of the critical supporting technologies that will enable a new era of multimedia services and applications.

Here's a pictorial review of the day's proceedings, which will be updated as the day unfolds: Click on the picture below to start the slide show.

Preparing For the Crowds
The calm before the storm... Huawei's team was all set up for about 200 industry executives, analysts and media to join them at the B4 Plaza hotel in central Nice, France. The subject? The screen says it all.
The calm before the storm... Huawei's team was all set up for about 200 industry executives, analysts and media to join them at the B4 Plaza hotel in central Nice, France. The subject? The screen says it all.

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CutMatt 6/8/2015 | 4:53:51 AM
Re: Huawei Summit Thank you for having to expose day's proceedings
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 12:23:15 PM
Re: Huawei Summit The closing panel discussion at the Huawei Open Digital Telco Summit is discussing some of the major challenges facing telcos in terms of transformation -- and there appear to be a lot of those challenges... 

coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 12:05:08 PM
Re: Huawei Summit Phil Jordan, Group CIO at Telefonica, has been talking about how Telefonica is undertaking a BSS transformation across 16 countries at the same time in an effort to simplify the operator's IT systems.
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 11:04:39 AM
Re: Huawei Summit David Artunedo, CTO for TUGo, part of Telefonica, says telcos now need to innovate because they are under attack from all quarters.
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 11:01:48 AM
Re: Huawei Summit Wang Ye, Deputy Director of Network Management Support, China Mobile, has been talking about how OSS is now at the front line, as part of the network and part of the services, and no longer in a 'supporting' role. 
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 10:21:00 AM
Re: Huawei Summit China Unicom CMO Meng Qinghong has just outlined her company's digital services support transformation at the Huawei Summit. 
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 10:08:31 AM
Re: Huawei Summit Raymond Meng, Big Data Chief Architect, Carrier Software Business Unit, Huawei, says it's pretty much impossible to achieve data monetization without a Big Data strategy -- but there are lots of challenges on the road to formulating and implementing any such strategy. 
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 9:41:01 AM
Re: Huawei Summit Leonnec at Orange says the BSS transformation process will be risky, costly and take years, but it is a process that is needed to attain a business support system that is "person-centric".
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 9:33:07 AM
Re: Huawei Summit Jean Yves Leonnec, Deputy CIO &VP Architect, Orange Group, says the operator is undergoing a major business support system transformation, working closely with Huawei. 
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 8:55:17 AM
Re: Huawei Summit From CSP to Digital Operator – that's the journey telcos must make, says Dong Sun at the @Huawei Open Digital Telco Summit.
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 8:53:07 AM
Re: Huawei Summit Huawei Chief Architect of Digital Transformation Solution, Dong Sun PhD, is now outlining his vision for Telco Transformation -- agile operations needs to be at the heart of every plan, he notes. Now he's delving into the details.
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 8:42:49 AM
Re: Huawei Summit Ovum's Clare McCarthy is now delving into business processes and order management -- key areas of focus for telcos that are transforming to a more digital strategy.
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 8:33:38 AM
Re: Huawei Summit An interactive customer experience portal needs to be developed by telcos, says Ovum's Clare McCarthy. It's maybe not a new message, but it is certainly one well worth repeating over and over again - because she's right!
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 8:28:57 AM
Re: Huawei Summit Ovum's Clare McCarthy says a major hurdle at telcos is a lack of centralized and organized data collection and analytics strategy.
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 8:27:43 AM
Re: Huawei Summit Ovum's Clare McCarthy is delivering a reality check to the network operator community with a presentation that started with the statement 'The golden age of telecoms is over.' That's one way to get everyone's attention!
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 8:13:33 AM
Re: Huawei Summit Zou Zhilel, President of Carrier Business Group at Huawei, and TM Forum President and CEO Peter Sany, have opened proceedings by outlining some of the business opportunities that embracing a fully digital communications world can deliver.
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 7:47:35 AM
Re: Huawei Summit Now the room is packed - about 200 people, quite the crowd!
coffeegrinder 6/1/2015 | 7:38:20 AM
Re: Huawei Open Digital Telco Summit It's early afternoon in Nice and the crowds are starting to filter in to the presentation suite at the B4 Plaza hotel to hear an array of speakers from Huawei, China Mobile, China Unicom, Orange, Telefonica and more, all talking about their digitization strategies. 
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