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Eurobites: BT Explores Sale of Spanish Unit

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: KPN boss to leave in September; Deutsche Telekom, SK Telecom form 5G joint venture; Glastonbury latest.

  • UK incumbent BT has begun exploratory talks with potential buyers of BT España, its Spanish subsidiary, the Daily Telegraph reports (paywall applies). Running in parallel with the attempted sale of its Irish unit, the offloading of BT España forms part of a wider dismantling of its Global Services unit prompted by an accounting scandal at its Italian division. According to the Telegraph's sources, the sale is likely to prove more attractive to buyout firms and investors rather than BT's telco rivals in Spain such as Orange, Vodafone and Telefónica. (See Eurobites: BT Considers Offers for Irish Unit and BT Cuts 4% of Jobs, Plans Global Services Overhaul.)

  • KPN CEO Maximo Ibarra is to leave the Dutch company in September for what are described in a company statement as "pressing family reasons." According to Reuters, he is heading to Italy, where he will head up Sky Italia's pay-TV business. KPN was keen to point out that Ibarra's departure is unrelated to the nationwide mobile and fixed-line network outage suffered by the company yesterday.

  • Deutsche Telekom has established a joint venture with South Korea's SK Telecom, the purpose of which will be to develop new 5G technologies, including a 5G repeater and a 5G in-building offering. As part of the deal, SK Telecom has committed US$30 million to DTCP's $350 million Venture and Growth Fund II. DTCP is an investment management group with $1.7 billion in assets under the management of Deutsche Telekom and other corporate and institutional investors.

  • Sweden's Telia Company has set up a 5G testbed at the Luleå University of Technology. Once the facility is up and running, companies, students and non-commercial organizations will be able to test out new ideas and applications.

  • Huawei's chief technology officer in Germany, Werner Hass, has expressed confidence in his company's abilities to meet the security requirements that the German government is setting for 5G networks. According to Reuters, Haas said: "We expect there to be good and pragmatic (security) solutions -- and we have no doubt that we will fulfil them." In March Germany said that it would not impose a blanket ban on the Chinese vendor's equipment, prompting US Ambassador Richard Grenell to warn Angela Merkel and friends that they could lose access to valuable US intelligence if they failed to toe the line on Huawei. (See It's No Huawei or No Intelligence, US Warns Germany – Report.)

  • Police in Scotland have begun using a new app from Motorola which will allow them to log details of incidents on a mobile device while they are at or close to the scene, removing the need for them to take notes on paper and then return to the station and fire up the desktop. The app, Pronto, has been created by Motorola, to run on EE's 4G network. Initially, only police officers in Dundee, Perth, Kinross and Angus will be able to use the new system. (See Eurobites: EE Lands Emergency Services Deal.)

    You're Nicked
    But first let me check my Insta account...
    But first let me check my Insta account...

  • France's Ekinops has landed an Ethernet services deal with Czech operator CETIN. The deal will allow CETIN to offer business-grade high-speed Ethernet over VDSL2 as a wholesale service to any service provider.

  • Tomorrow sees the start of the Glastonbury Festival, with Stormzy, The Cure, Lauryn Hill and Janet Jackson among those lined up to, er, grace the main Pyramid Stage. As is now traditional at this overgrown shindig, EE, the festival's official "technology partner," has wheeled out a gourd-full of Glastonbury statistics to blow our minds. So, here goes: The average festivalgoer will walk nearly 30 miles, make 31 calls, upload 35 social media posts, watch 16 artists and snap 143 photos over the festival long weekend. And despite being at the center of a musical maelstrom, nearly a third admit to streaming music, TV or sport in between staring at the acts. Like, wow.

    Glastonbury's back.
    Glastonbury's back.

    — Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, Light Reading

  • PaulERainford 6/26/2019 | 11:12:19 AM
    Re: Glastonbury Cluster....errrr Festival In my defence, I was looking for my contact lenses.
    iainmorris 6/26/2019 | 7:45:41 AM
    Re: Glastonbury Cluster....errrr Festival I reckon that's Paul in the mud.
    PaulERainford 6/26/2019 | 4:35:20 AM
    Re: Glastonbury Cluster....errrr Festival Traditionally, Glastonbury is a bit of a mudfest, though this year the weather actually looks like being pretty good. However, we paid for that pic and I make sure we use it at least once a year.
    Kelsey Ziser 6/25/2019 | 5:02:51 PM
    Glastonbury Cluster....errrr Festival Glastonbury Festival sounds like a mess...just based on that picture of muddy boots. Or is that a photo of a Light Reading editor caught in the muck? What I find most surprising is that concert goers average 31 calls. Who calls anyone anymore?
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