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CEO Chat With Viptela's Amir Khan

Steve Saunders, Founder & CEO of Light Reading, sits down with Amir Khan, President/CEO/Founder of Viptela, to discuss his company's technological success and the hot new trend in the telecom world – SD-WAN.

Atlantis-dude 8/11/2016 | 12:06:15 AM
they have identified a nice niche and moved quickly but it is still doubtful if this is large enough to build a sustainable business. After the initial success, growth may plateau and C will start to squeeze them slowly out of the market.
Director11345 3/4/2016 | 9:55:55 AM
Excellent explanation of SD-WAN Great job by Steve Saunders on asking the right questions and congrats to Amir Khan on the success of Viptela.
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