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CEO Chat With Gary Smith, Ciena

Light Reading CEO and founder Steve Saunders goes head-to-head with long-time Ciena CEO Gary Smith to discuss the impact of the web-scale players, the New IP and 'white box' networks.

Steve Saunders 4/28/2015 | 5:41:35 PM
Re: Congrats Mr. Smith and there's a lot of benefit to having access to someone who has lived through several major transitions (successfully, incidentally)
Steve Saunders 4/28/2015 | 5:36:19 PM
Re: Congrats Mr. Smith he looked exactly the same to me!

Seriously... slightly surreal 



sowen557 4/28/2015 | 10:36:01 AM
Congrats Mr. Smith Touch more grey than in the past but Garry Smith has done well to continue to lead from the front the outstanding team at Ciena. 


Top job LightReading.
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