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AlcaLu + Nokia: The New Uber-Vendor

Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Gabriel Brown discusses the technological and competitive opportunities and challenges if a merger between Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia comes to pass.

Gabriel Brown 4/16/2015 | 5:24:19 AM
Re: AlcaLu - Nokia overlap That is an interesting to question to me personally (because I cover EPC as an analyst), and to the people in the operators who use those products, but it's "small-beer" in the context of the wider deal.

To the question, specifically -- yes they both have EPC.
NetworkPanda 4/16/2015 | 4:41:38 AM
Re: AlcaLu - Nokia overlap What about AlcaLu's IP Routing and Transport? They work with the Service Routers and Mobile Gateways. That's supposed to be it's crown jewel. Typically the acquirer doesn't touch the acquiree's strong projects, right? But in case of an overlap..especially Mobile Gateways.

Does Nokia use their own ePC devices to support their RAN?
Gabriel Brown 4/16/2015 | 4:24:09 AM
Re: AlcaLu - Nokia overlap One obvious area is wireless. This merger, if consumated, will combine two of the top four RAN portfolios in the world.
NetworkPanda 4/16/2015 | 3:59:24 AM
AlcaLu - Nokia overlap The deal mentioned cutting operating costs. Which products/services/technologies overlap between Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia?
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