SlideshowFeger Leaves CenturyLink for F5

James Feger delivering BCE 2018 keynote.
James Feger delivering BCE 2018 keynote.

HardenStance 7/24/2018 | 4:52:35 AM
Where will F5 go now in the telco MSSP market? Can't say I'd think of F5 Networks as a "security specialist" as of today.

I'd think of F5 more as an application delivery company with some security products in its portfolio and potential to grow a lot more in the security space.

CenturyLink has made great strides as an MSSP in recent years, including being at the forefront of  leveraging NFV to drive both lower costs and greater efficacy in security.

I'll be most interested to see whether Feger can shape F5's portfolio and services strategy for the telco MSSP market now. It's a really interesting opportunity.
Kelsey Ziser 7/23/2018 | 12:04:42 PM
Surprising switch Surprising to hear he left after a long stint at CenturyLink, will be interesting to hear more about his role at F5 and how his former team at CenturyLink might restructure.
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