Bunny Flop

11:00 AM – I don't watch The News Show just because it's produced by Light Reading's beloved parent, CMP. I watch because I learn stuff. And, even the president of our great country has probably said a time or two, "Learning am what people can become." Especially if they are, you know, for children and homes.

Here's what I've learned by watching The News Show lately:

    Context is everything: In the Nov. 4 edition, Information Week's Tony Kontzer dons a bunny mask while delivering some bit about how the day after Halloween is a big day for online photo sites. In that context, I laughed. But if the same guy in the same outfit hands a note and a duffel bag to a convenience store clerk, I would only laugh if the clerk filled the bag with carrots and then sent him on his way.

    Reporters are invisible: Also, in the Nov. 4 edition, TechWeb's K.C. Jones doesn't get in the way of her story on IBM. In fact, you don't see her at all in the piece. You see some lovely industrial B-roll and some stock photography, but no Ms. Jones.

    One has to wonder if, after a long day of not being on TV, she gets annoyed when folks in restaurants and malls don't stop her to ask if they didn't just see her the other day when they weren't watching The News Show.

    I love the 80s: Network Computing's Lori Macvittie, in the Nov. 2 Webcast, isn't really in front of a green screen. A reliable source at CMP says that Macvittie was actually shrunk down to the size of a No. 2 pencil so she could broadcast in front of a Trapper Keeper. In her next report she'll been seen sipping a can of New Coke.

— Phil Harvey, Haircut 100 Editor, Light Reading

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