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Bundling opportunities expected to reach $10 billion

Omdia’s Future Vision was enlightening. As a media analyst, it was interesting to learn how industry solutions are expected to generate more value than 5G consumer ones, even if obviously the latter will be more visible to mainstream audiences.

A niche case in point in the media space, the first cinema with 5G connectivity was opened in Oslo in 2019 to test the technology for film transmission, potentially reducing the need for expensive satellite connectivity for live events among others.

On the consumer side, my colleagues Dario Talmesio and Tom Morrod highlighted how video subscriptions and live sports/events will generate the most value for telcos increased connectivity and consumer access.

Throwing some figures in, the bundling opportunities between OTT and telcos are expected to generate over $10 billion in revenue for telcos in 2024 – almost three times of what 4G generated in 2019. The timing is perfect for mass monetization when one considers that the 140 partnerships seeded by Netflix and 40 by Amazon with telcos in the last few years.

— Pablo Carrera, Principal Research Analyst, Cinema Intelligence, Omdia

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