Bullets & Points

1:45 PM -- Oh, so you didn't think we'd come to work today, eh? Well, you're only half right. Here are some headlines from the afternoon RSS avalanche:

  • Google employee builds chainmail banner at work. I pass this along because everything Google does is important. Yes, everything.

  • We're not the only ones with a memorable quotes list. But TorrentFreak's list isn't as funny.

  • Apparently copying your own CDs is now illegal, too. Man, life sucks.

  • Amazon is going to buy eMusic, according to Contentinople's 2008 predictions.

  • In case you were too busy reading Harry Potter to notice, gaming was HUGE in 2007.

  • Expensive champagne may not impress your snobby friends on New Year's Eve. They may not know the difference.

Happy New Year.

— Phil Harvey, Person of the Year, Light Reading

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