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Our Windy City Diaries: Sightseeing at BTE

For a drought-tolerant Californian, the non-cement parts of Chicago seem shockingly green and lush. Flying over the city, parks are abundant and trees are plentiful.

As astonishing as it is to be spending the week in a city where the water supply isn't being rationed, the sheer amount of construction going on is even more surprising. Chicago is in a constant state of bettering itself as a first-rate city and a bustling metropolis.

The building up of Chicago is in direct opposition to the simultaneous greening of Chicago, most apparent in the simply gorgeous Millennial Park. Despite the visceral clash, they somehow balance each other out -- the sharp lines of architecture against the bright and billowy flowers.

This is the land of revolving doors (that's not a metaphor, they're everywhere!), a city where pigeons have the right of way, where sirens screech and trains chug past. Chicago is sprawling, eternal, BIG (much like the Big Telecom Event!).

Check out all the news and views from the 2015 Big Telecom Event at Light Reading's dedicated BTE show news channel.

Here we've collected just a few of the images we think make Chicago just so Chicago. While some are recognizable landmarks, others are a little more figurative, like the mammoth portion sizes of food here.

We hope you enjoy seeing where we've been exploring during our time at the Big Telecom Event (BTE). In the comments section, make sure to tell us about time you've spent in Chicago and your favorite places to visit in the Windy City.

A Garden of One's Own
Lurie Garden in Millennial Park is an impressive, sprawling escape from the concrete.
Lurie Garden in Millennial Park is an impressive, sprawling escape from the concrete.

— Eryn Leavens, Copy Desk Editor, Light Reading

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