BT Keynote on Fire!

ATLANTA -- Supercomm 2003 -- A fire in the kitchen next to the grand ballroom, ten minutes before BT Global Services CEO Andy Green was about to give a keynote, almost ended in disaster today, as organizers were unsure if the sprinkler system might suddenly go off and soak the audience.

As smoke billowed into the 100,000 square-foot room, the keynote was delayed for 40 minutes while health and safety inspectors checked out the situation and extractor fans sucked out the smoke. Hundreds of attendees waiting outside the ballroom dispersed to other meetings.

Not everyone was put off by the smoke however, which apparently started when a hot box keeping bread rolls piping hot caught fire. “I’m starving, I just want to get in there and have lunch,” said Satya Saraswat, professor of computer information systems at Bentley College in Massachusetts.

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— Jo Maitland, Senior Editor, Boardwatch

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