Brothers Get Broadband

10:00 AM -- Yahoo! News reports on a group of Small Business Monks who have decided to sign online to sell their brotherly bread:

    An upstate New York order of monks who don't watch TV or listen to the radio will soon be going high-tech to offer their baked goods for sale on the Internet.

Monks online?! What’s next? Nuns in space?

    Monks' Bread fans from outside the region already can place orders using a toll-free phone line. Brother Paul Richards said that within the next two or three weeks, an online ordering system should be fully functional on the Monks' Bread Website.

Sheesh, all those years they've been chanting, “Give us this day our daily bread...” Who knew we were going to have to pay shipping and handling to get it?

    He says limited online ordering for special creations like chocolate chip whiskey cakes and brownies proved popular over the past holiday season.

Whiskey cakes, you say? Oh, Brother...

— Red Panda of Assisi, Light Reading

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