Triple-Play Dish

11:30 AM -- How will satellite TV pull off a triple play?

One way, as suggested a lot of Wall Streeters, most recently by UBS analyst Aryeh B. Bourkoff, is to invest in a broadband provider that could reach the satellite TV subscriber without wires:

We believe that the companies could partner or form a consortium to invest in two-way wireless data and internet provider Motient Corp.

We believe that a collaborative initial investment between DirecTV, EchoStar and other technology partners (two additional partners in our opinion) is a possibility. Beyond the potential development of a broadband product to bolster the DBS competitive position, collaboration between DirecTV and EchoStar could potentially expand to additional operational partnership.

In the current environment, we believe that anti-competition concerns still exist with respect to DBS collaboration. However, as telco competitors rollout video service, thus introducing a third pay-television option for consumers, those concerns may be mitigated.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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