Boingo CEO Mike Finley: 5G innovation is starting to happen

LAS VEGAS – #MWC22 – Boingo Wireless CEO and CTIA Board Member Mike Finley discusses Boingo's new innovation lab, opening soon at the Las Vegas Monorail Convention Center Station. The lab will be a new way for Boingo to be a more visible name to passersby, including thousands of MWC Las Vegas 2023 attendees.

The tech hub will be a showcase for using connectivity to demonstrate security, gaming/gambling and smart cities services, all of which are critical to the Las Vegas tourism economy and of interest to carriers looking to show off low-latency mobile network applications.

Though Boingo is a company that's mostly behind the scenes, Finley says he's constantly thinking about network reliability because his carrier customers put their reputations on the line each time someone connects to their networks. So "they need to work with somebody, like Boingo, that they can trust that can build a quality network on their behalf, and with them," he explains.

Finley also defines what makes Boingo unique as a company and why he still sees lots of upside in 5G networks, where "what we said could happen is actually happening."

Here are a few items covered in this brief interview:

  • The new innovation center (00:37)
  • Boingo's identity as a company (04:22)
  • 5G optimism (06:08)

Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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