The Notebook Dump: Broadband and magic mushrooms on the ballot

Earnings season is in full force and Light Reading Editors Jeff Baumgartner, Mike Dano, Nicole Ferraro and Kelsey Ziser discuss which companies had a banner Q3 and others that hit some speed bumps in this Notebook Dump for the week ending November 4.

The stories covered include:

If you want to skip around and listen, here are a few more things covered in this interview:

  • Cable companies release Q3 earnings updates and broadband pricing increases. (01:23)
  • Comcast and Charter launch "Xumo" streaming service. (03:07)
  • Rise of fixed wireless which accounted for 92% of US broadband market for Q3. (07:07)
  • High growth in mobile customers. (09:04)
  • Election Day is coming soon! Nicole really wants you to vote. A few states have key broadband issues on the ballot. (15:15)
  • Which Colorado county was first to opt out of a 2005 state law restricting municipal use of funding for broadband? Spoiler – Mike and Jeff have no idea. (18:45)
  • Colorado to vote on magic mushrooms. Kelsey narcs on the team to Phil. (20:08)
  • Juniper has a decent Q3 due to more movement in the supply chain. "Get them orders out the door!" (21:43)
  • Equinix earns $1.8 billion in revenue for Q3 and moves forward with buildouts of xScale data centers. (21:28)
  • Nicole plans to list out genders of executives on earnings calls. (23:08)
  • Ramble on! More voting rants, dumb things on Twitter and plant talk. (24:04)

Have a great weekend!

— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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