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Here's where you'll find every installment of The Buildout: a column from Light Reading tracking broadband network deployments. Bookmark this page for easy access to broadband build updates, and send us your news right here. This tracker was updated 11/28/2022.

11/23/2022 - The Buildout: Comcast Business invests $3M in Virginia, NTIA awards $225M for tribal broadband
This week in broadband builds: Comcast Business expands in Virginia, NTIA awards $225 million for tribal broadband, Wave 7 progress in North Carolina, TDS Telecom in Wisconsin – and more.

11/14/2022 - The Buildout: New Mexico taps Comcast, electric co-ops for broadband grants
This week in broadband builds: New Mexico awards $39 million for broadband pilot, Ritter partners with Jonesboro, Arkansas, Virginia's Pipers Gap Fiber Project gets funds – and more.

11/04/2022 - The Buildout: Flume goes west, Kinetic connects Cooks County
This week in broadband builds: Flume expands to California (and Connecticut), Kinetic connects Cooks County, Georgia, Spectrum's GREAT grants, WOW! starts greenfield builds in Central Florida – and more.

10/27/2022 - The Buildout: USDA ReConnect awards $759M for broadband in 24 states
This week in broadband builds: USDA awards $759 million for rural broadband, SiFi Networks starts citywide build in Saratoga Springs, Kinetic goes to Kentucky, Vermont awards $26 million – and more.

10/7/2022 - The Buildout: AT&T live in rural Indiana, Treasury awards $435M for broadband
This week in broadband builds: AT&T goes live in rural Indiana; Treasury awards $435 million to three states; FastBridge, Metronet, Magellan break ground; Alabama co-ops get millions for middle mile; more GREAT grants for Spectrum.

9/23/2022 - The Buildout: More 'GREAT' news for Spectrum, Yellowstone Fiber goes live
Spectrum gets millions more in 'GREAT' grants; USDA ReConnect awards $502 million; Yellowstone Fiber goes live in Montana; NTIA awards $29.3 million for Alaskan tribes; Cajun Broadband breaks ground in Louisiana – and more.

9/13/2022 - The Buildout: Tennessee awards $447M for broadband
FCC authorizes more RDOF bids; Tennessee awards $447 million; AT&T to build in Martinsville, Indiana; Brightspeed, Charter win in North Carolina; Colorado awards $23 million; Redzone runs on ngFWA in Maine.

8/29/2022 - The Buildout: Charter, Comcast get millions in Alabama, NTIA awards $280M to tribes, Vexus in Texas
Charter, Comcast get millions in Alabama; NTIA awards $280 million for tribal networks; TDS construction in Idaho; Brightspeed's plans for Illinois and Michigan; and more.

8/17/2022 - The Buildout: Kinetic in Kentucky, Meta's Cleveland collab, Charter completes $3M CARES Act build
Charter goes live with RDOF and CARES Act builds; Meta supports DigitalC FWA; Cisco gets in on Neighborhood Wi-Fi; Kinetic and Conexon build in Kentucky; Brightspeed in Arkansas; Glo Fiber in Pennsylvania.

8/5/2022 - The Buildout: Charter, Windstream win in North Carolina, Comcast gets $10M in Baltimore, Lumen launches 8 Gbit/s
Charter and Windstream win in North Carolina; Comcast gets $10 million in Maryland; Lumen launches 8 Gbit/s; Internet Society awards EPIC grants. Plus construction and launches from Fidium Fiber, Brightspeed, Metronet and more.

7/28/2022 - The Buildout: Charter nets millions in Louisiana, Consolidated goes to Washington, and more
Starry goes to Vegas; USDA doles out $401M; Florida co-op enlists Conexon; AT&T, Comcast, Charter get GUMBO grants; Consolidated's construction in Ellensburg, Washington; Metronet declares Greencastle a 'gigabit city'; Brightspeed's plans for Pennsylvania.

7/18/2022 - The Buildout: Mercury Broadband gets $62M through RDOF for Midwest build
Mercury Broadband's RDOF plans; Spectrum live in Dona Ana; SiFi, Google Fiber to build Mesa open access network; Fidium live in Concord; Brightspeed's Missouri build.

7/1/2022 - The Buildout: WeLink debuts in DC
WeLink's DC rollout, Ziply goes live in Sumas, Brightspeed's initial Ohio build, Clearwave's debut in Kansas.

Nicole Ferraro, editor, Light Reading, and host of "​​The Divide" podcast.

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