Supercomm's Busy Month

4:30 PM -- It's official: Supercomm will be in October rather than June this year, although the change wasn't reflected on the Supercomm site as of this writing. (See Supercomm 2009 Delayed Until October.)

So, what other shows are happening around Oct. 21 to 23? Here's the autumn schedule a telecom über-showgoer has to look forward to:

Table 1: Supercomm's New 'Hood
Show Date(s) Location
4G World Sept. 15-18 Chicago
Light Reading ATCA & Communications Ecosystem Conference Sept. 17 Boston
ECOC Sept. 21-23 Vienna
VON Sept. 21-23 Miami
ITU Telecom World 2009 Oct. 5-9 Geneva
Supercomm Oct. 21-23 Chicago
Cable Connection, Fall Oct. 25-30 Denver
ATCA Summit Oct. 27-29* Santa Clara, Calif.
Light Reading Ethernet Expo Nov. 3-4 New York
TelcoTV Nov. 10-12 Orlando, Fla.
* Originally Oct. 21-23. We're not sure when they changed it, but: Thumbs up, guys!

Will the IPTV crowd show the same enthusiasm for Supercomm when TelcoTV is right around the corner? How do vendors feel about having to deal with ITU Telecom World and Supercomm in the same month? Feel free to vent your answers on the message boards.

And if you know of any shows our table is missing, do let us know.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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