Tellabs Touts PON Position

NAPERVILLE, Ill. -- Users demand faster and faster Internet speeds, driven by the desire to download and upload high-definition video. In fact, YouTube(TM), a video sharing Web site, consumed more bandwidth in 2007 than the entire Internet did in 2000. And this demand for bandwidth will only increase.

Today, Tellabs is the leading North American provider of the passive optical networking (PON) systems that power the fastest services to meet this demand. And Tellabs is looking to the future.

Tellabs is working with universities, telecom equipment providers and service providers, including France Telecom, on a European Commission project called Scalable Advance Ring-based passive Dense Access Network Architecture, or SARDANA. The goal is to radically increase the capacity and reach of broadband networks using WDM-PON and remote amplification technology. Tomorrow's networks will make today's fastest connections seem like dial-up.

Tellabs Inc. (Nasdaq: TLAB; Frankfurt: BTLA)

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