Faith, Hope & GPON

3:00 PM -- Worried about deploying GPON? Think that when you stitch together a multivendor environment for your fiber-to-the-home deployment that your network will blow a raspberry and leave you in tears?

Then go talk to the clever bods at European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in the wonderfully named Sophia Antipolis, France, who have just completed a set of GPON tests involving 14 equipment and integrated circuit vendors that included "blindfold pairing" to replicate more realistic scenarios. (See ETSI Plugtests GPON.)

"What's with the blindfolds?" I hear you cry? (You saucy bunch...)

Well, with the vendors herded off to the nearest coffee machine with a bunch of one-euro coins, some independent testers "configured the Optical Network Termination [ONT] themselves through the OLT [optical line terminal] using the OMCI [ONT management control interface] layer without vendor intervention." The devils!!

These anarchists did 60 short tests while the coffee machines took a hammering, and, according to the reliable folk at ETSI, "effectively confirmed the 'plug and play' capabilities of the vendors' implementations."

The results impressed some pretty big carrier players. Regis Coat from Orange (NYSE: FTE), who is Chairman of the Full Service Access Network (FSAN) Interoperability Task Group, stated that the plugfest "showed that plug and play GPON interoperability is almost fully achieved. Thanks to the strategy FSAN operators have built in 2008, GPON vendors have now clear guidance to reach the target. We will be able to confirm the good maturity of the GPON technology again during the ninth test event which will take place in China in November 2009."

The vendors involved in the plugfest were:

— Ray Le Maistre, International News Editor, Light Reading

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