LR Launches MSAP & IP DSLAM Survey

The second stage in a project that aims to deliver the most comprehensive and in-depth competitive analysis of IP DSLAMs and multiservice access platforms (MSAPs) ever conducted was launched today by Light Reading and Heavy Reading, its market research division.

The development comes in the form of a report that updates a previous survey of IP DSLAMs to incorporate a downloadable questionnaire for vendors to complete. It also extends the previous report's scope to include MSAPs, sometimes known as broadband loop carriers (BLCs) or multiservice access nodes (MSANs). See: Who Makes What: MSAPs & IP DSLAMs .

The original report invited readers to suggest revisions to a table of suppliers and products in these markets. It also listed key features and performance characteristics of IP DSLAMs and invited readers to rate the importance of these parameters, and suggest ones that Light Reading might have overlooked.

The updated report, published today, now invites manufacturers of IP DSLAMs to download a questionnaire, based on the results of the above exercise. Heavy Reading will process the data submitted, using the weightings from the poll as the basis of a scoring system to rate products in this marketplace.

Vendors have until June 4 to submit their IP DSLAM product details. The questionnaire can be downloaded here: IP DSLAM Questionnaire.

The updated report also sets in motion a similar survey of MSAPs, which are essentially IP DSLAMs with integrated VOIP media gateways, FTTx optical line terminals (OLTs), and packet transport capabilities, so they can handle multiple traffic types.

It includes a list of the data that Heavy Reading intends to collect on MSAPs, and once again, invites readers to rate the relative importance of each parameter and suggest other issues not included in the list. The poll can be taken by clicking on this link.

When sufficient comments have been received, Light Reading will offer a further questionnaire for download, covering MSAP equipment.

— The Staff, Light Reading

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