Where's Vyyo?

12:35 PM -- What's up with Vyyo Inc. (Nasdaq: VYYO) these days? Or the olden days for that matter?

Don't bother trying to find an answer to either of those questions at the company's Website today. There, you'll be greeted by a largely blank slate with this brief message: "This site is under construction. For more information contact [email protected]"

Of course, there may be a good reason for this: Vision Acquisition Corp. last fall offered 17 cents per share for the remains of Vyyo, a company that specialized in 3 GHz cable overlay technology but had a heck of a time getting many deals done. (See Investment Group Extends Vyyo Tender and Exclusive: Gilo Offers $45M for Vyyo .)

Last we heard, the resulting "NewCo" will continue to be helmed by former Vyyo chairman Jim Chiddix and CEO Wayne Davis. As for the company strategy, it was looking to license its "UltraBand" tap and passive tech to other vendors and develop a new "single box" node that aimed to be cheaper for MSOs to buy and easier for them to deploy.

We're making attempts to reach all parties still connected to what used to be Vyyo and will keep you posted on what we can find out posthaste.

— Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Cable Digital News

Jeff Baumgartner 12/5/2012 | 4:10:43 PM
re: Where's Vyyo? Much more to come , but just heard back from Wayne Davis on this...NewCo is very much alive, in the process of generating a new site to reflect a new company name, vision, and product strategy...Jeff
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