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Source: FTTH Council
Source: FTTH Council

jasonmeyers 7/24/2014 | 10:23:43 AM
Express expense TDS Telecom's video and voice packages start at around $100/month, so that plus gigabit data service will cost $200/month or more, depending on their choice of TV package. Will consumers believe the extra speed is worth the extra cost?
KBode 7/24/2014 | 11:47:55 AM
Re: Express expense Do they even offer a standalone 1 Gbps option? I was noticing no price point for it the other day. I wonder if offering both options -- then upselling customers to a TV bundle -- would be more effective? 
jasonmeyers 7/24/2014 | 11:56:18 AM
Re: Express expense KBode - no standalone option. If customers want the 1Gig service, they have to be IPTV subscribers. 
Carol Wilson 7/24/2014 | 12:30:03 PM
Re: Express expense This is a very different strategy and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. TDS is bigger than most of the smaller telcos that are pulling back on IPTV and they may have made a substantial investment on which they want to earn a return. Or they may serve areas where the cable competition is vulnerable. 

In most smaller telcos, selling video is a losing proposition because of the cost of content. 
jasonmeyers 7/24/2014 | 2:09:22 PM
Re: Express expense TDS Telecom's Matt Apps let me know that new customers can come in quite a bit below the $200/month mark and still get gigabit service as part of their bundle:

$99.95 – TDS 1Gig Fiber

$55.00 – Expanded TV

$19.99 – Voice

$4.95 – Gateway fee

-$20.00 Discount for new customers (for two years)

$159.89/month for two years
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