Rush Hour Nightmare

5:10 PM -- I'm getting tired of having to walk to and from work because of summer weather related incidents.

A couple of years ago it was the huge blackout that took out most of the northeastern U.S., a couple of weeks ago it was the steam pipe explosion in midtown Manhattan that knocked out subway service, and today it was just a little rain that had us on our feet instead of riding through that hole in the ground.

Throw in the three-day transit union strike around Christmas 2005, and the whole idea of walking to work with 8 million of my closest friends in extreme weather is becoming more and more the norm.

This morning, with just about every major subway line in Manhattan flooded, we were on our feet again, trudging through the unbearable humidity while several obnoxious New Yorkers shared with me their choice words for the MTA.

"F%#$ [email protected]*& three dollars B*&% [email protected]#," said one of my new friends.

At one point, at a busy intersection, men with construction vests stepped into the street and momentarily restricted anyone from crossing while they allowed a truck to back up near a manhole for what appeared to be the start of some sort of construction project.

What type of truck was it, you ask? A Verizon FiOS truck.

— Raymond McConville, Reporter, Light Reading

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