Redstone Lands FTTH Deal

LONDON -- Titanic Quarter Ltd announced today that Redstone plc has been granted exclusive rights to develop an advanced ‘fibre to the home’ infrastructure for the £5.5bn (€7bn) regeneration scheme in Belfast.

All future residential and business occupants of Titanic Quarter will have access to fully fibred high-speed and high quality Telecoms, Internet, IP Television and a range of innovative services. The network will initially be able to support the delivery of services to households at up to 100Mb/s in both directions. Gigabit capacities will be available for businesses. The network will be openly available to all Communications/Service Providers (CSP’s) on a wholesale basis and they will not be constrained by the limitations of last generation copper networks.

Titanic Quarter further announced that Bytel is the first Interconnect Provider to agree to provide backhaul services for other CSP’s. Bytel is an established champion of open access backhaul networks and also provides the only Tier 1 Internet Gateway in Northern Ireland. Announcing the appointment of Redstone plc, Mike Smith, Chief Executive of Titanic Quarter said,

“Our access network is designed to be future-proofed and to maximise the competitive choice of services for all occupants. “

Martin Balaam, CEO of Redstone plc further announced that: “Our role is to provide carrier-class but carrier-independent design and management expertise. The network will adopt Open Access technology already proven in advanced countries such as Sweden where more than half of the local communities now benefit from high speed local networks operated independently of the incumbent Telco and other communications providers."

Redstone plc

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