FTTH Project Grows With PacketFront

STOCKHOLM -- PacketFront, a leader in FTTH (fibre to the home) technology and next generation broadband aggregation, has announced that it is extending its deal with VolkerWessels Telecom, a division of Dutch construction company VolkerWessels, to deploy 55,000 ports and create one of the largest and most advanced FTTH networks in Europe.

The deal will provision the second part of a project for Portaal, the Dutch social housing association, which commenced in spring 2005 - with the aim to provide 55,000 homes with next generation broadband solutions. Spanning eight cities, PacketFront's broadband solution combined with VolkerWessel's infrastructure expertise will provide one of the largest open access networks in Europe. Portaal's open access network will allow competing service providers to deliver triple-play services (TV, telephony and internet) over the same physical infrastructure - offering customers the freedom to choose the providers and services they want.

"PacketFront has the necessary experience and expertise that is vital to ensure that a deployment of this large scale is a success for Portaal," said Jan Griffioen, Project Director of VolkerWessels Telecom. "The solution offered by Packetfront not only means we are able to offer the user more flexibility and choice than ever before, but it actually allows us to lower operating costs through the automation of broadband services."

"We are very proud that VolkerWessels Telecom has chosen us as a partner for phase two of Portaal's project," said Martin Thunman, CEO of PacketFront. "We are renowned for our unique solution for broadband networks, which is designed to provide the consumer with a better choice of services. We are pleased to see that companies such as VolkerWessels Telecom have embraced this vision, and are using our technology to enhance their consumer offering."

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