FT Strikes FTTH Deal

This document sets out the commitments made by Orange to the members of the ARC for the Very High Speed Residential fibre optic network. Negotiated between Orange and the ARC, this reference document represents, for the members of the association, a level of commitment that will ensure the highest possible quality of service.

Created in 1987, the ARC is a national association of co-owners whose aim is to provide assistance to:
  • governing boards of co-owned properties that are managed by governing boards
  • non-professional co-ownership managers (volunteer or cooperative)
  • individual co-owners.

The ARC today represents more than 800,000 residential properties, divided between approximately 11,000 member co-owners.
  • The ARC is both a grass-roots body and now officially one of the most representative associations;
  • The ARC (appointed by inter-ministerial order) is one of three co-ownership associations holding a seat on the National Co-ownership Commission (established within the Department of Housing and Chancery) and recognised as representing co-owners by the other large ministries.

Orange is happy to have reached this agreement with the largest active national coownership association, which will allow it to pursue the deployment of fibre optics, transparently and in complete security for the co-owners. ARC is happy to be able to allow its members to benefit from a service guaranteed by Orange’s commitments.

This agreement demonstrates ARC's confidence in Orange and the recognition of its experience in developing networks.

Orange (NYSE: FTE)

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