Dutch Do FTTH With PacketFront

STOCKHOLM -- PacketFront, the world leader in open access FTTH technology and next generation broadband aggregation, has announced that Portaal, the Dutch social housing association, will deploy its next generation broadband solutions to deliver triple-play services to inhabitants of over 55,000 homes across five cities.

The completed network will be The Netherlands' biggest and most advanced FTTH implementation thus far and one of the largest in Europe. This deployment further strengthens PacketFront's presence within The Netherlands.

PacketFront's award-winning BECSTM control and provisioning system in combination with its ASR routers will create a fully automated broadband network covering homes in Utrecht, Leiden, Nijmegen, Arnhem and Amersfoort. Volker Stevin, part of the Volker Wessels construction group, will deploy and operate the open access network for Portaal, which will allow competing service providers to deliver triple-play services (TV, telephony, and internet, as well as online community services such as eHealth) over the same physical infrastructure. PacketFront will also be responsible for ongoing engineering and operational support of the end-to-end network.

PacketFront's future-proofed and scaleable technology will also offer Portaal the flexibility to extend to additional cities in the future and open the network up to more service providers.

"Portaal is developing a significant and innovative network of great magnitude and we are very excited to be involved," said Martin Thunman, CEO of PacketFront. "With the advanced automation features of BECS, our solution will accelerate time-to-market and lower OPEX costs. Through a single automated connection, Portaal’s customers will be able to subscribe to multiple triple-play services."

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