Britain's Broadband Tax

9:00 AM -- For anyone living or working in the U.K., "Digital Britain," with a healthy dose of national broadband coverage, sounds like a great concept, but how will it be funded? A small portion of the funds required are going to come from a phone-line tax, a plan that outgoing government minister Stephen Carter is now having to defend. (See Digital Britain Disappoints and Blow to Digital Britain.)

Check out this Guardian story and, for a broader take on Carter's multimedia outlook, this Guardian Media interview.

While the concept is great (even if the plans should be way more aggressive, in my opinion), it's hard to see how they will be implemented. As in any "modern" economy, private companies wield far too much power in the U.K., and will block everything that doesn't immediately favor their bottom lines, whether it'll be good for their prospective businesses in the medium- and long-term and positive for the national economy.

You only have to look at the parliamentary expenses scandal and the financial sector's still thriving bonus culture to see that greed prevails over good in the U.K.

— Ray Le Maistre, British Bulldog Editor, Light Reading

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