Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

Pivotal Commware CEO Brian Deutsch: Speeding up FWA

Pivotal Commware CEO Brian Deutsch discusses his company's new as-a-service offering, Pivotal Turnkey Services. The service, offered to Pivotal's network operator customers, aims to speed up deployments of fixed wireless access (FWA) networks that use mmWave technology.

Deutsch said the service is more than just technology integration; it includes network and capacity planning and partner applications that can help providers extend their coverage quickly without overspending. Deutsch said that the "confident qualification" of possible network sites is a big deal to carriers and his company has a set of technologies and partners that can help. "And we said, 'You know what, we'll take care of the whole thing.'"

Here are a few things covered in this interview:

  • Where FWA fits into a larger broadband offering (0:51)
  • Why do carriers offering FWA have such high NetPromoter scores? (1:59)
  • Pivotal Turnkey Services explained (5:34)
  • How turnkey can Pivotal make network expansion? (7:25)
  • Why private networks are a big opportunity for Pivotal Commware (15:20)

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