DZS CEO Charlie Vogt: Backlogs and 'Buy American'

OFC23 – San Diego – DZS CEO Charlie Vogt said his company is one of the few that can help service providers of all sizes upgrade their fiber access networks while saving them operating costs in their middle-mile transport networks.

Vogt said the company's recently announced Saber 4400 coherent optical metro and edge transport platform can move access traffic up to 120km without amplification, making it a complementary piece to the DZS ONT and OLT portfolio. The DZS XGS-PON portfolio delivers up to 10 Gbit/s of shared access today, and Vogt said it would be ready for 50Gbit/s PON when those chips and electronics are available.

At OFC, DZS debuted its Xtreme Transport service orchestration and automation software. That software suite, the company said, works with the Saber 4400 and other vendors' gear and platforms (via APIs) to give service providers a single, simplified view of their metro optical and edge transport networks.

Here are some of the items we discussed:

  • DZS customer needs and the company's order backlog (03:12)
  • Helping service providers access middle mile and digital divide funding in the US (05:44)
  • The US telecom industry is challenged to "buy American" (07:59)
  • Phil's theory: Service providers who provide fiber-to-the-home are getting more money per house and fewer support calls (11:15)
  • DZS designed new management tools and software orchestration to help eliminate IT strain in multivendor networks (13:25)

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