VDSL's Power

3:55 PM -- Pyramid Research just released a report called (deep breath) "Fiber in the Last Mile: Best Practices, Adoption Trends and the Impact of the Economic Downturn" (exhale). Whew.

The report has a number of interesting points (and a few sharp corners, too, judging by the paper cut on my left hand).

One green thought for your consumption:

A VDSL2 port can use twice as much power as GPON or P2P [point-to-point] fiber, but it still consumes only 12% of the power of a typical ADSL port.

I think that's worthy of printing and sticking on the breakroom fridge, under one of those Santa magnets.

But is ADSL the only power pig in the bandwidth sausage factory? I think it's worth noting that a lot of the remote cabinets being upgraded to GPON and VDSL2 were simply filled with plain old telephone service lines before.

While one mode of next-gen access may consume less power than another, they all consume way more -- around 3x, I think -- than the phone companies were using just a few short years ago.

The more you know...

— Phil Harvey, Editor, Light Reading

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