DT: 'Hands Off!'

8:40 AM -- No incumbent operator is a fan of regulation, and Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT) is no exception. At the operator's annual annual International Press Colloquium in Berlin on Monday, CEO René Obermann warned regulators not to meddle with his next-generation access networks and jeopardize his investments. (See Deutsche Telekom Relights Its IPTV Fire and T-Mobile Boasts Subscriber Growth.)

He said that politicians and regulators need to take a "less interventionist stance in order to make innovation and investments possible… Without this step, Germany and the EU in general will fall even further behind the U.S. and Asia when it comes to investments in state-of-the-art network technologies."

That's not quite how the Eurocrats see it. The European Commission is currently challenging a German law that gives Deutsche Telekom a "regulatory holiday" on its VDSL network. (See EC Threatens Germany With Court Case, EC Warns Germany, and EC Sues Germany.)

— Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Light Reading

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